Why Evilgelical?

Many Americans self-identify as evangelical. Rich & poor, powerful & weak, brilliant & simple, saved & unsaved, evangelical crosses a wide spectrum of personal conditions. The founder of this site is not rich, not powerful and definitely not brilliant. Just a sinner who repented, found salvation in Jesus and found out much later that the distractions of this world had choked out a simple devotion to his savior.

This is a particularly challenging time for those who love the Lord and strive to love their neighbor as themselves. Politics has triumphed over Piety. Personal prosperity has overtaken kindness, mercy and sharing. Religious “leaders” demand we vote for the candidate of their choice while bragging about the fortunes they have amassed. There is little sense of shame in the churches today.

Please share your testimony about your journey. I believe we can, by speaking honestly, encourage each other to walk closer to each other and to our Savior.

Thank you!